Q: How are you handling COVID related Issues?

A: We wipe down equipment while in Washington DC. If you want to wear a face mask, we encourage you to.

Q: Who is eligible to go on an Honor Flight?
A: All veterans are eligible to go on our flights. Priority is given to WWII, Korean and Veterans with Advance Health concerns.

Q: How do you decide which veterans get to go on an honor flight?
A: We select veterans based on the date we receive your application. WWII, Advanced Health concerns, and Korean era veterans are given first priority on all flights. If you have a fellow veteran scheduled to go on another flight, contact us and request to go together.

Q: I am the widow of a WWII Veteran. Can I go?
A: No. Our flights are open only to veterans. If you are a widow of a veteran and are a veteran yourself then you are eligible to go. We do not have the resources to accommodate non-veteran personnel.

Q: How much does it cost? How much money do I need to bring?
A: The flight is FREE for all veterans. You can bring money along but we urge your guardian to buy you souvenirs or other items you would like to have.

Q: Is each veteran required to have a guardian?
A: Yes, each veteran is required to have a guardian. However under certain conditions one guardian may be able to accompany more than one veteran. This will be the decision of the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight.

Q: Can my son, daughter, grandson, etc. go as a guardian?
A: We encourage any family member or friend (other than a spouse) to be your guardian. We do have a minimum age requirement of 18. But those under 18 meeting requirements set forth by the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight Board may be eligible to be a guardian. We also ask that the guardians be capable of pushing a wheel chair if necessary.

Q: How much does it cost the guardian?
A: Currently the cost for the guardian is $550.00. If you accompany more than one veteran the cost is still the same.

Q: Do you provide food and drink during the trip?
A: Yes. We provide meals and snacks throughout the day. We also have a generous supply of water to keep our veterans, guardians, and staff hydrated.

Q: How many disabled veterans are scheduled to go?
A: The number of disabled veteran we take on each flight varies. Our goal is to take EVERY veteran that applies regardless of any disability they may have.

Q: What if I have special medical needs such as oxygen or insulin? Do you take medical staff on every flight?
A: Yes, we take 2 Registered Nurses and 2 EMT’S on every Honor Flight. Our Medical Staff can provide care to our Veteran’s with any type of medical need. On every Honor Flight we have an oxygen concentrators available for Veteran’s with breathing difficulty. We also have a blood sugar glucometer (to monitor blood sugars) and assist Veteran’s with insulin administration. We take 60 wheel chairs on each flight for those who have mobility problems. Medical needs of all veterans are evaluated by our medical staff before each flight. We also have coolers to store insulin or other medications that require refrigeration.

Q: If I take daily medications should I take them along?
A: Yes. We recommend you take a three day supply. If for some reason we have to stay longer than one day you may need your meds.

Q: Can I take my cane or walker on the flight?
A: No, canes and walkers are not allowed on our flights. For those with mobility issues we will provide wheel chairs for you.

Q: Can I make a donation to the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight?
A: Yes, anyone can make a donation to the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight. We do however ask that veterans do not make a donation. They have already given. To make a donation, visit our website eihonorflight.org and click on the “oonate here” menu or click on the red “donate now” button on the upper right of the home page.

Q: How many veterans and staff do you take on a flight?
A: On average, we usually take 90-100 veterans. 16 staff members also accompany each flight.

Q: Is there a waiting list to go on a flight?
A: Yes. If you sign up to go on a flight it may take up to two years or more before you will be able to go. But don’t be discouraged. Eventually we will contact you with a flight date.

Q: How long is our trip and are we flying commercial airlines? Where do we land in DC?
A: You arrive at the Eastern Iowa Airport at 05:30 AM and return to Cedar Rapids between around 9:00 PM. We charter our flights with Sun Country Airline, so we do not depend on commercial airlines. All our flights land at Reagan International Airport.

Q: Can I bring my camera with me?
A: Yes, we encourage you to bring a camera. However, we ask that you keep your camera small or use your cell phone to take photos. We do take two photographers on every flight to document your day in Washington, DC. All photos will be posted on our website and are free to download.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Wear comfortable loose fitting clothing. Most of all make sure you have comfortable fitting shoes as you will do a lot a walking. In case of rain we carry throw away ponchos for each vet and guardian. We have discovered through experience that the temperature is usually 5-10 degrees higher than predicted in Washington DC. Also bring TSA approved sunscreen.

Q: Can my family meet me at the memorials in Washington DC? Can I ride on the bus with a veteran?
A: Yes, you can meet your family members and friends at the memorials. If you would like to ride a bus with a veteran please contact us for more information at: easterniowahonorflight@gmail.com or phone 855-344-3435. Space is on a first come first serve basis.

Q: Do you have a privacy policy?
A: Yes, all information gathered by the Eastern Iowa Honor Flight are kept confidential and are not shared with any groups or organizations.

Q: How are you funded?
A: The Eastern Iowa Honor Flight is a 501(c)3 charity. All funds are raised through donations from various sources and other fund raising events. We are a all volunteer staff which means that all funds raised go to supporting our mission of taking veterans to Washington DC.

Q: Is there a Welcome Home event and who can attend?
A: Yes. It is held at the Eastern Iowa Airport. We urge family members and friends to attend the Welcome Home. Parking at the airport the night of the welcome home is free. See one of our volunteers for a parking pass.

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