Eastern Iowa Honor Flight is a non-profit organization dedicated to sending local Veterans to Washington D. C. to visit various historical sites and war memorials.  (Learn more about the National Network at www.honorflight.org)

These memorials include the WWII Memorial, Lincoln Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, USMC Memorial, USAF Memorial and Arlington National Cemetery.  The veterans are also taken on a city tour where they are able to see the Smithsonian, Capitol, White House and various other historical buildings.

We proudly serve the Veterans of Linn, Jones, Benton, So. Tama, Iowa, Johnson, Marshall, Jasper, Poweshiek and Washington Counties.

Veterans from surrounding areas are welcomed if they are able to fly out of The Eastern Iowa Airport in Cedar Rapids.

Since Eastern Iowa Honor Flight began in 2009, we have transported more than 3,400 Iowa Veterans from Cedar Rapids to Washington, D.C.

Eastern Iowa Honor Flight Board of Directors:

Dick Bell, President (Iowa Army National Guard)

Connie Arens, Vice President (United States Army)

Tracy Kading, Board Member, Secretary (United States Marine Corps)

Allen Stekl, Board Member (United States Army, United States Navy)

 Lynette Gittins, Board Member (United States Naval Reserve)

Frank Grizel, Board Member (United States Army)

 Mike Weaverling, Board Member, Treasurer

 Jason Brandon, Board Member

 Bruce Adams, Board member

Tricia Weber, Board Member

 Cheri Bragg, Board Member

 Jason Hicok, Website Coordinator

Eastern Iowa Honor Flight Coordinators:

Jim O’Brien, Medical Coordinator

Connie Arens, Assistant Medical Coordinator (United States Army)

Allen Stekl, Funding Coordinator (United States Army, United States Navy)

 Lynnette Gittens, Veteran Coordinator (United States Naval Reserve)

 Cheri Bragg, Assistant Veteran Coordinator

Frank Grizel, Photography coordinator (United States Army)

Tracy Kading, Logistics Coordinator (United States Marine Corps)

  Charlie Ross, Ground Services Coordinator, Logistics Coordinator, Wheel Chairs (United States Marine Corps)

  Tammy Walton, Guardian Coordinator

  Becky Croy, Assistant Guardian Coordinator

Tricia Weber, Volunteer Coordinator

 Jason Brandon, Applications Coordinator

 Kris Hoeger, Orientation Coordinator

 Bruce Adams, PR/Media Coordinator

 Kristin King, Social Media Coordinator

  Jean Connor, Letters to Vets Coordinator

  Sherayl Brown, Letters to Vets Coordinator

Eastern Iowa Honor Flight Advisors:

 Arlo Meyer, WWII Veteran and Advisor (United States Navy)

 Mike Wilson, WWII Veteran and Advisor (United States Navy)

 Mary Clapp, Advisor (United States Army)

 Roger Utoff, Advisor (United States Navy)