Grant Wood School – Cedar Rapids

On April 4, 2013 Eastern Iowa Honor Flight was presented with a check for $1823.00 from the Grant Wood School in Cedar Rapids. The fund raising project was initiated by Tricia Weber’s 4th grade class and spread to the entire school. These young students expressed an accute awareness of history, and what part in history the veterans that we serve played. The enthusiam was just so infectious and when the total was announced, the entire assembly was on their feet applauding. Whether it is from a 4th grade class selling lollipops (982 in one day) or having a bake sale, or an individual or corporate donor, we are dependent on community support to continue our mission. This class had as an original goal, to sponsor one veteran. They ended up sponsoring three!! A sense of history and civic involvement is alive and well at Grant Wood. Thank you students and staff for your caring and your generous donation.